Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow? Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable? Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?

Hi, I’m Ann and I welcome you to my holistic coaching program that encompasses nutrition, lifestyle choices and emotional and spiritual wellness. I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you. I can support you in person, via skype and of course telephone and email. My mission is to show you how you can use your kitchen to heal so that you can enjoy vibrant health!

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Ann was encouraging and supportive of me. I loved that she really listened to me and gave me very clear recommendations and that there was a lot of support between sessions. As a result of my six month journey with Ann, I have completely changed my way of preparing and eating food. I am very happy with the help and education that Ann has provided and I very happy that I can now take charge of my own health.

MARLENE H (Age 77)

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My husband and I did the 10 Day Express Detox together as I was concerned about his elevated blood sugar levels as he had not been managing his diabetes well. We found the detox was straight forward and easy to follow and did not feel hungry or deprived during it. Having each other to support through the Detox made it easier and more enjoyable. I lost just over 6 kgs in 10 days! My husband also lost weight but more importantly achieved his goal of decreasing in his blood sugar levels and I am now hoping to convince him to look more closely at his diet. I would definitely recommend this Detox to everyone.


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I had been working with Ann doing her 6 month Healing From The Inside Out Program and had already achieved remarkable results. I had begun to see and understand for the first time in my life, the incredible power of food to heal the body. I decided I wanted to do a detox and Ann recommended her Ten Day Express Detox Program. WOWZAS!!! That really sums it up in one word. I had already achieved some impressive results working with Ann, but what I achieved in a short ten day period was amazing. I lost a staggering 8.5kgs WITHOUT feeling hungry or deprived. My skin is clearer and I feel FANTASTIC! My gout which had significantly improved working with Ann, completely went away. I also got a huge incentive to continue to make healthy choices as my blood sugar reading went from 11.2 down to 6.3. I had already achieved great success in this area as when I started working with Ann, I was Type 1 ½ Diabetes as I had not successfully managed my Type 2 Diabetes and had been told by my Doctor that I needed to go on insulin. Not only did I not go on insulin working with Ann, I was able to significantly reduce my diabetes medication to a very low dose under Doctor supervision. I definitely recommend this Detox to everyone and I plan on doing it twice per year as a maintenance program.


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I entered into this Detox with some trepidation. I knew I needed to do something to get my health under control, but was somewhat worried about living without meat and coffee for ten days. I work in a demanding job where I am on the go all the time and require a lot of energy. Read More


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My original need was to improve our diet. (I say original, as my goals changed as I began to work with you).I wanted to shift from big meat-eating meals to find out how other diets worked. Not in a sense of restricting food but introducing new foods. I was introduced to your workshops by my Chiropractor and it seemed a perfect way to achieve my original need to improve our diet and lifestyle. I felt the clinic had helped us enormously and trusted their promotion of your workshops and your abilities.Read More


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I signed up with Ann from My Kitchen Heals after coming across her Facebook page. I followed it for a while and was struck with the practical and informative advice that it gave. I then signed up for her three month program. I wanted some help with some underlying health concerns, in particularly having lived for years with chronic reflux...



Western Australia

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I didn’t even know that there was such a service as a Health and Wellness Coach but thank God I found out after attending a workshop facilitated by My Kitchen Heals. I am 51 and had just assumed that my deteriorating health was part of getting older. Read More




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As a busy mum, who works full-time and was struggling with balancing work and family needs and feeling run down all the time, I was at my wit’s end on trying to cope. Read More



Springwood, Qld

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I suffered from always being tired, unable to concentrate, stress, and panic attacks. Annie was very keen to understand my eating habits and asked me to write down what I was eating day-to-day. Read More

Sharon Le Milliere


New South Wales

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I have never worked with a coach before but decided to after battling with weight and a number of health issues. I signed up for the 6 month program and decided to be open to everything and just go with the flow. Read More


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We entered into the Detox together as we both needed to overhaul some bad habits and both of us were starting to put on weight as well as struggling with constant bloating and discomfort when we ate. My husband, Andrew, had never had a green smoothie in his life and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it tasted good and how satisfying it was.  Read More

Alana and Andrew

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