After an initial  consultation with Ann, it was obvious that she knew what she was talking about. I also feel that because she had gone through the process herself and experienced the healing, that she had a “real” perspective on things verses someone who learns about a process to teach others.

Initially I was most needing support in the area of my gut health. I suffered from digestive issues, other stomach issues, headaches, back pain and fatigue and knew that my diet was somehow connected to my issues. I did the three-month program and was able to see how certain foods were causing me a lot of my pain and digestive issues. I also learned that in taking small steps each day I can make changes to do a better job taking care of myself in all aspects of my life.

I had not worked with a coach before so I did not know what to expect. I just went in with a positive attitude and was so surprised how much material we covered each week. Going into my first session I was a little nervous as I am with anything new but also very excited. Ann was very organized and great at explaining the process or why things were being implemented. Her follow up report and suggestions were a great help to look back on as well.

Ann is a wealth of information and I really appreciate not only the notes from our session, but all the recipes, books suggestions, affirmations, support and all the other information I obtained from her. I also appreciated that if I did contact her with a question, she was so quick to respond.

Holistic, well rounded, eye opening, and a necessary lifestyle change, this program helped me take time to focus on myself and to take time for myself. It is realistic and easy to maintain. I am very excited and motivated moving forward and plan to carry on with all the changes I made while working with Ann