I joined up for a 6-month program after seeing such impressive results with a work colleague. When I approached Ann from My Kitchen Heals, I was on a number of strong prescription medications to help me with a range of medical issues that I had struggled with for most of my adult life. Unfortunately, some of the medication had side effects elsewhere in my body, and I then needed to take more medication to counteract the side effects.

For as long as I remember, I had struggled with my energy levels as well as chronic mood swings and depression. These problems in particular were isolating and had affected my family. Ann completed a thorough background investigation of how I was feeling and was very thorough in her questions. By the second session, she had accurately diagnosed what was wrong with me and sent me to a doctor for blood and urine tests and these tests confirmed her diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with and treated for a thyroid problem and pyroluria. Neither of which has been diagnosed by GP’s. I realize that health is not just physical but also mental and spiritual.

She worked with me by first working on healing my gut and then she adjusted my diet, and lifestyle and slowly but surely, I started to feel well. My outlook on life changed completely. I feel like I have been asleep all my life and have suddenly awakened and I have so much clarity now that I didn’t before. My health has improved ten-fold and I have never felt so well, even as a child.

I feel like I am just starting my true life’s journey. I was introduced to Ann through a set of circumstances that I describe as fate. People may think it dramatic, but she saved my life and also awakened my Spirituality. I am eternally grateful to her for changing my life. For the first time that I can remember, I am looking forward to my future.

Kym Clare