I approached Annie of My Kitchen Heals about 12 months ago now.  I was aware that my eating habits were not of the best and my attitude towards food in general needed to be changed.  I suffered from always being tired, unable to concentrate, stress, and panic attacks.

Annie was very keen to understand my eating habits and asked me to write down what I was eating day-to-day. From there Annie spent a lot of time in creating a personal schedule, with many options for me to try.  From reading what I was eating Annie gently told me that I was slowly killing myself and after a very bad panic attack that put me in hospital, I knew it was time to make some changes.

The time and effort that Annie put into this was enormous but the one thing that was strongly apparent in all of this, was her passion for some thing that she believes in and her genuine caring nature all rolled into one.

Even though, Annie provided a thorough guide, both with dietary guidelines, as well as recommended lifestyle changes,  she did not push for any changes but rather gently encouraged which empowered me to make better choices. But I knew that I had to at least give it a go and within a few weeks was not feeling so tired.   If I did not practice all of the suggestions, Annie would always come up with some thing else that  normally would work better for me.  My panic attacks while still happening are not as severe and a lot less frequent. I have become much happier within myself, something that I had not been for quite a while.

Annie kept in touch and was open to my questions and always happy to answer them. I would suggest Annie of My Kitchen Heals to anyone who is wanting to make changes to their eating habits and their lifestyle. Her genuine caring nature and passion for her work  makes the difference when approaching Annie as one of her clients.

Love and Light