As a busy mum, who works full-time and was struggling with balancing work and family needs and feeling run down all the time, I was at my wit’s end on trying to cope.  I had constant headaches, suffered a lot with IBS and was on anti-inflammatories to control my arthritis. I was also putting on weight despite constant dieting.  Ann examined both my nutrition and my life-style and helped me to make small step-by-step changes that over the course of a few months, I realized where actually quite big steps but she managed to do it in such a way, that I never realized that it was happening. Today, I feel radiant! I am no longer taking medication and I now know how to make more time in my day for me!  I also have learned how to make simple but healthy meals for my family. I thought I went to My Kitchen Heals for me, but in the end, my whole family has benefited.

Cara, Springwood, Qld