I came to one of your workshops and really connected with your ideals, and saw in you the person whom I had been looking for to coach me in the direction that I saw for myself but had too many barriers (of my own making) to obtain on my own.

I had never worked with a coach before and I felt some nervousness but I’m glad that I persevered because I discovered that I had Pyroluria which was a surprise as I had never heard of it but it made so much sense to me, not just with food but with every aspect of my life.

Even though I had a fairly good diet to start with, I learnt a lot about foods that were causing an adverse reaction in my body. However, even above all else, was the knowledge I gained in the Primary Foods area which I was able to practice in all areas of my life. This has become a defining time in my life that I will be always truly grateful to Ann for.

It was like the monsoon season had hit and the anxiety just came flooding out of me. There was a reason why I felt the way that I felt. It wasn’t all in my head! Hallelujah! Now I could do something about it. I felt the anxiety lift immediately even though I had other health concerns going on at the time. I worked hard on what was holding me back and took charge of my life and it has paid off. I felt stronger and more resilient than ever. Ann showed me that I had a lot to be grateful for, that I am magnificent just as I am and that I have the potential to follow any path that I choose .

After working with Ann, I feel truly inspired to continue on my path of self-discovery towards optimum health and happiness.