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I’d love to share with you why I am passionate about the role of nutrition in preventing disease. I thought I would give you some background on what led me to my journey into health and nutrition and the wonderful benefits that I have enjoyed a long the way.

I have eaten healthy food all of my life. I had never been a fan of junk food though like many people, I experienced cravings particularly in times of stress or when I was over-tired. I would typically crave strong cheeses and crackers though sometimes it would be jelly snakes! I grew up eating the typical Mediterranean diet (I have a Maltese-Irish background) with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, hearty soups, salads, plenty of pasta and of course, thick crusty bread.

In my twenties, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which I now today realize today is what doctors often diagnose when they can’t find a reason for digestive issues. I tried all the different recommendations that my doctor made, but there was no improvement. There were many occasions where I dreaded eating, because the pain that I would get after simply wasn’t worth it and as a result there were many times, that I was seriously underweight. I also developed asthma in my twenties and this progressively got worse over the years.

In my late twenties, I developed arthritis and this progressively got worse as I got older. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my early thirties despite drinking milk every day and eating lots of cheese and yoghurt. I refused to take the medication that my doctor recommended (Fosamax) after doing some research and deciding that I didn’t want the side affects. I was also living with chronic pain and had been diagnosed at the same time with Fibromyalgia. I did take medication for this for approximately six months and there were no improvements but lots of side affects that were exceptionally unpleasant.   However, because I had to work full-time and had to somehow get through each day despite the chronic pain, I was taking a lot of prescription pain-killers to simply function at work. Of course, this simply masked the symptoms without treating the problems.

Due to two major catalysts occurring in my life at the same time, I was forced to re-evaluate everything in my life. I have always been a spiritual person but realized that this part of my life was increasingly being eclipsed by the chronic pain. I undertook many courses with amazing spiritual teachers such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani and Deepak Chopra. Dr Wayne Dyer was particularly central to the changes that I made in my life. (Despite the beautiful Dr Wayne Dyer departing this world in 2015, he has continued to play a pivotal role in my life). I realized that I needed to change what I was eating and doing and I undertook a detox. Through the detox, I discovered that I was severely allergic to gluten, dairy, most grains and I also eliminated sugar. My arthritis went away as did my asthma! The chronic headaches and migraines also went away and I no longer needed pain killers. The constant digestive issues also went away and I suddenly looked forward to eating as I no longer associated it with pain.  Within three months, I was starting to see a new “me” emerge, one who realized that the constant pain I had been living with was not normal.

I realized that I was gluten-intolerant despite being tested for this in my twenties and the test indicated that I had no gluten intolerances. When I returned to my Doctor and told him what had happened, he just smiled at me and told me that it was coincidental that my health had improved when I changed my diet. He was also very concerned when I told him that I had eliminated all dairy and assured me that it was a silly decision in light of my osteoporosis.  I also demanded to be retested for gluten intolerances and reluctantly had to start eating gluten again in order for the test to be “accurate”. Within hours of eating gluten, I felt unwell and within eight hours, all the old pains had returned. I persevered for four weeks as this was what was needed for the gluten-intolerance test. Again, the test came back that I was not gluten intolerant! And I knew that I definitely was as it was not coincidental that I felt so much pain when eating gluten. It was only after a further more invasive test was done where I had an endoscopy that it was revealed both that I had a definite gluten-intolerance and that major damage had been done internally from my consumption of gluten.

I thought highly of my Doctor as he had been our family practitioner for many years but when I asked him how much training he had in nutrition he told me that he had done approximately six hours of training over the course of his entire medical experience! It was an “ah hah” moment where I realized that I needed to educate myself more so that I could articulate myself better on how my nutrition had changed my life.   To that end, I trained as a Integrative Nutrition and Wellness practitioner whilst at the same time undertaking more personal development courses with incredible leaders in the fields of health, spirituality and raw food. I had stumbled into raw food accidentally when detoxing and I realized that for me, it worked well. I don’t advocate it for everyone as we are all individual, but I do know that I feel better when I follow a predominately raw food diet.

Today, because of changes in my lifestyle and nutrition, I enjoy better health than I did twenty years ago. Each day, I have so much energy and find that I look forward to preparing food whereas in the past, food preparation was very much a chore. My hair and skin are in better condition than ever and I put this down to following a predominately raw food lifestyle.   My passion today is to help others find the right nutritional path so that they too can enjoy good health. I have continued to study nutrition as I have become passionate about the role of nutrition in eliminate disease. My mission at My Kitchen Heals is to show people that great health and wellness is found in the food we eat just as disease is also found in the poor food choices we make. If you are interested in finding out, how I can help you, please complete the information below and book in for a free complimentary first session and start enjoying vibrant health and wellness.

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