John Headshot croppedI would like to personally thank Ann Stewart for sharing her knowledge, her experience and her passion with our patients at Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre.

Since May 2014, Ann has been running a monthly series of workshops on a variety of nutrition-related topics.  The sessions never fail to be informative and lively and are always followed by numerous questions and answers from patients hungry for a new and better way of feeding and caring for their bodies.

Ann creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere in which she mixes her broad and informed knowledge of nutrition with her own personal stories of self-healing.  Ann also smoothes and simplifies the process of integrating the lifestyle changes by sharing numerous tips, hints and shortcuts along with new and creative recipes to help people get started.

Ann has been willing to speak on any topic and has shown flexibility, adaptability and creativity in giving our patients what they need to not only eat better but to be inspired to live and care for themselves in a deeper way.

Some of the topics include:

  • Healing From The Inside Out. Back To Basics – Using Wholefoods To Heal
  • Ditch The Diet!  Weight Management Made Easy
  • Cooking Made Easy!  Prep Once And Have Three Different Meals
  • The Role Of Nutrition And Minimising Breast Cancer
  • Diabesity – The Number One Epidemic That We All Need To Avoid
  • The Sugar Blues
  • Superfoods And How To Use Them
  • Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence

Having known Ann as a patient, I know that Ann’s passion and enthusiasm comes from a genuine and deep love for her fellow humans on this journey of life.  Ann’s warmth and her commitment and desire to share with others ensure a natural recipe for success.

Thank you Ann.

Dr. John Swatland, B.App.Sc(Chiro.)
Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre
(07) 3801 5288