CORPORATE-N-COMMUNITYAs a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Workplace Trainer and Assessor and over twenty-five years’ teaching experience, I offer both corporate wellness and community workshops.


The reality is that absenteeism is costing Australian companies $40 billion a year. There has been a huge rise in acute and chronic health conditions as well as depression, fatigue, head, neck and lower back pain, stress, migraines and digestive issues and these are effecting employees, teams, and entire corporate cultures every single day. Including yours!

By encouraging and enabling employees to take better care of themselves both mentally and physically, workplace productivity will improve. My workshops will leave attendees entertained, energetic, and eager to improve outcomes for themselves, their workplace and their employer.

Happier employees create happier clients by providing a positive and empowering workplace in which your team members have the energy to provide the exceptional services which your company is known for. In addition to improving your team’s health, the overall cost per employee will decrease due to happier, healthier employees and the reduced turnover of staff. When comparing the costs of advertising, hiring and training new employees to the investment of wellness in the workplace, the increased productivity and morale greatly outweigh the other pricey option.

What will your firm accomplish with a happier, healthier work environment?

  • Decrease sick leave absenteeism
  • Decrease Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Decrease in toxic work environments
  • Increase financial returns
  • Increase staff and team performance
  • Increase innovation, passion and productivity

My philosophy and objective is to come together with like-minded, health conscious, and solution-oriented employers, small businesses and companies to develop empowering workshops that will teach your employees how to make sustainable changes in their health and lifestyle that will flow on to your firm. I achieve demonstrable and sustainable health improvements, energy improvements and attitude improvements for employees and financial improvements for the organisations involved.

These workshops are suitable for all community groups, sporting clubs, small businesses, gyms, aged and allied health care organisations, larger companies and everything in between. I can tailor-make both community and corporate wellness workshops to suit your needs. My focus is on providing information in an interactive and engaging way that everyone can digest.  For example, I recently ran a workshop for Radio 4EB on the role of nutrition in preventing breast cancer as well as several workshops on clean and healthy living for the time-poor. I regularly run workshops at various chiropractic centres on a range of different health related topics with the focus on proactive solutions.

These workshops can be as long or as short as you want.  Depending on the facilities at the venue, I can also incorporate both cooking and raw food demonstrations into the workshop. I am passionate about healthy eating and cooking, and improving health through whole, unprocessed foods. As well as speaking directly on different health issues, yy speaking engagements can  also cover basics on real food and whole food, to speaking about meal planning and healthy cooking. Whether you own a chiropractic centre,  yoga studio, wellness centre, gym or other facility or represent a corporation or organisation, we can work together to deliver a message that highlights how much you care for your clients and staff !

You can choose a topic from the list below (or I can tailor-make a topic suited to your needs):

  • Healthy Living From the Inside Out – Back to basics by using whole food to heal
  • Healthy Lunches On The Go
  • The Sugar Blues: Detoxing from white poison
  • Food Basics: What we need to know
  • The Truth About Sugars And Fats
  • Superfoods And How To Use Them!
  • Controlling Type Two Diabetes Through Nutrition
  • Making Goals From A Passion-filled Perspective
  • Living A Gluten-free Life!
  • Nutrition And The Link to Cancer
  • Nutrition As A Preventative of Illness
  • Nutrition As A Preventative of Osteoporosis
  • Nutrition And Arthritis
  • Meditation And Why This Works!
  • Relationships And Food: How are they connected?
  • Matching Your Nutrition To Your Lifestyle
  • The Crisis Facing Women’s Health: Cravings, relationships, and more
  • Quick And Healthy Meals For Busy Professionals
  • Ditch The Diet! Beat The Bulge and Weight Management
  • Heal Your Health With Whole Foods And Ditch The SAD  Diet (Standard Australian Diet)
  • The Benefits Of A Raw Food Lifestyle

If you are looking to partner with a highly reputable, highly approachable and highly effective Corporate Health Care Program, please complete the information below or call on 0411 547 438. Together we can bring better health and awareness to your staff to completely revitalize your company! Likewise, if you are after a community-based program, please provide some information below.

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