In my previous career, I was a teacher. I would constantly observe teenagers who were always tired and lethargic. They struggled to stay awake, let alone take in any of the lesson. A lot of this is related to our carb-heavy diet.   How many of you think you are doing the right thing, giving your child or loved ones a bowl of cereal to start the day? I know I used to be one of those people! I thought I was doing the right thing, because I wouldn’t buy my children Fruit Loops, Coco Balls and all the other sugar-laden cereals out there. That’s right, being a loving mother who wanted the best for her kids, I would buy them muesli or some other “healthy” cereal.   I recently did a workshop for my clients where I exposed the real truths behind the clever marketing of cereals.   After looking at every cereal available at my local Coles, the only one that I could find that was healthy was rolled oats.   Don’t be fooled by clever advertising and packaging that highlights the “virtues” of eating products like Nutri Grain or Milo. The reality is that these supposedly healthy “Iron Man” foods are just as bad as the Fruit Loops that I wouldn’t allow in my house. Not only are they laden with sugar, but they all contain preservatives and artificial flavourings.

I know, I too, for years was tricked by all the clever marketing to think that whole grains are healthy but today’s wheat is nothing like the wheat that used to be harvested years ago. Today’s wheat has been so genetically evolved from its original state that there is no resemblance to what our grandparents ate. It is packed with gliadin protein which is an opiate-like compound that stimulates appetite which is why so many people get that mid-morning slump only to reach for a biscuit or muesli bar, followed by sandwiches at lunch and then that mid-afternoon slump where again we reach for the wrong food and then for dinner, so many people consume foods like pasta. People don’t realise how much wheat (poison) that they are putting into their bodies each day. Have a look at a wheat field today and you will see that it bears no resemblance to photos of wheat from 50 years ago. It has been genetically modified so that it is short in stature to resist buckling in the wind (today’s wheat ranges from 18 inches to 2 feet tall whereas wheat used to be 4.5 feet tall) thus producing higher yields and thus more profit.

Though I start my day every day with a juice or green smoothie, I also like to have something to eat. I always have a batch of my grain-free cereal or raw granola on hand. (OMG, my granola is certifiably delicious! But you are going to have to wait for another post for the recipe for that!)

I made this up today along with a batch of coconut yoghurt. It is so easy to make and so nutritious. It certainly leaves the cereals one buys in the supermarket for dead. These cereals are packed with sugar and wheat whereas my breakfast “mock cereal” will keep you going for hours and it tastes wonderful. Mix dried pear, gojiberries, medjool dates, coconut flakes, almonds, hemp seed, chia seeds, inch protein powder, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts together and enjoy – of course if possible, use activated nuts!! I make a fresh batch each week and vary the flavours depending on what I have on hand – eg last week’s had brazil nuts, dried cranberries and strawberries.


That’s one of the reasons why I love my Sedona dehydrator! It paid for itself within a couple of months with the money I save by making my own dried fruit, activating my nuts, making to-die-for raw cookies, crackers, “meatless” rissoles and so many other incredible recipes. If you would like to buy one, pop over here and grab one. https://www.mykitchenheals.com.au/shopping-items/sedona-dehydrator-sd-p9000-9-tray-2/

The Sedona dehydrator is better than any other dehydrator on the market. It is BPA-free and one of its huge advantages, is that it has a digital thermometer so that you can accurately monitor the temperature. It is the only dehydrator on the market that allows you to use only half of it – so for example, if you don’t need to use the whole 9 trays, you can elect to turn on only those shelves you are using. How cool is that!

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