Ok, it is Easter and no doubt many of you will tuck into chocolate. So will I but I will be nourishing my body at the same time. Generally, there are few healthy benefits in the chocolate you buy, especially if you favour white or milk chocolate. They are full of sugar, dairy, and other nasties and they are so processed. If you must buy it, try to get those brands that contain at least 80% cocoa.

Better still, why not make your own? And the great thing is not only can you have your chocolate but you can also have all the nutritional benefits with this easy recipe. These incredibly tasty but healthy chocolates contain cacao (NOT cocoa) which is a superfood that contains more antioxidants than anything else in the world. It is the number one food for your heart as well as being a natural source of iron, manganese, and chromium of any major food group. It is also a tremendous source of phosphorus, zinc, and copper. I prefer to keep my chocolates raw as the benefits are much higher and include much higher levels of oligomeric procynanidins, resveratrol and the polyphenols (catechin and epicatechin) and by keeping it raw, vitamin C, phenethylamine (PEA, the feel good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love!) are preserved. And who doesn’t want to have that good feeling of love coursing through their body? You will also gain Omega 6 fatty acids (which when heated become rancid and cause inflammation) and tryptophan (a commonly deficient amino acid in those who consume a diet of mostly cooked food) and serotonin.

If you would like to try them, I have posted the recipe below. It’s up to you what you put in the centre, or of course you can leave them plain. I made an assortment of ones filled with cashew nuts, zested orange peel, chopped medjool dates, dried strawberries, macadamia nut, etc. The orange peel ones are particularly yummy if you add 2 drops of essential orange oil to your mix. However, do make sure that when using essential oils for consumption, that they are food grade. You could toast the cashews before using, but I prefer to have them raw to maximise the health benefits. Of course, to do this, you should activate all nuts before you eat them!

So in summary, you can have these wonderful "treats" without feeling guilty as they are so incredibly nutritious! I am eating one right now as I post this!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Raw Food
  • 250 g cacao butter
  • 9 tbsp cacao powder
  • 3 tbsp organic manuka honey/agave nectar
  • good pinch of dulse salt
  1. Grate the cacao butter or you can melt it in a LOW HEAT bath to keep it raw.
  2. Mix in all other ingredients. Divide into batches if you are going to add different flavours.
  3. Pour into moulds and refrigerate. Take out of fridge approx 20 mins before you want to consume so you can taste all the incredible flavours. Enjoy without feeling guilty!


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